Sambra 2003-2013

In 2003, we imported a pure African girl, directly from the kennel of a very well known South African breeder, Laurie Venter. The name of the African bitch was

Maxwood TSELA, and we call her SAMBRA.

She was born on 16th of September 2003 in The Republic of South Africa, and she flew to Warsaw at the age of 8 weeks. From the first sight, she behaved as if she had been with us for ages !

She went very well on shows but, because of my permanent lack of free time, we had to stop showing for a while...

On 7th of January 2007, Sambra gave birth to the 12 puppies after a very handsome dog ? Mkai Leoridge (called Poker) . The litter was brilliant ? both the dogs and bitches are equally , very good looking with very good character .

She died suddenly on 11th March 2013.