Litter 'L' 2024

Eight cute puppies were born on 2nd March 2024 - 3 boys and 5 girls. There are still two girls and one boy available as per April 2024

Available puppies

Puppies at their 8th week.

Puppies at their 5th week.

They all proudly present correct postures and beautiful angles. Portraits show how cute and kind they are. Such litter is a dream come true for every breeder - all standard, correct and healthy,



Ch Pl Ch Lt LEBRON LeoGinger FCI , PT 1 , PT 2, PT 3, BH-VT, HD A, ED 0, OCD free, JME N/N, B/B, DM N/N , D/d

Lebron is the great-great-grandson of our first female - Brema Skandens CS, her beautiful daughter EVORA Pręgowce z Jasień was the mother of LIANA Sarnia Przełęcz, who gave birth to the great breeding LeoGinger (breeder Ewelina Pyzik). In turn, the current owner of LEBRON, known domestically as Bubus, was also the owner of an excellent Apache, CAPRIVI TICKET TO RIDE, imported from an Australian breeding farm. He became a partner for LIANA, and NOON Leo Ginger was born from this relationship. She was mated to "Elvis" (Kadamo Now or Never) in the hands of a famous breeder and judge - Sarka Stusakova, the female from this relationship - ROGUE Leo Ginger is Lebron's mother, and the father is "Maverick" Macumazahn Qwandoyas TOP GUN, who lives with Pedro, imported from Australia Fedorova (co-ownership with Hanka Pankova). I describe the family intricacies in such detail because I want to emphasize that I know almost all the dogs in this pedigree, I know and even bred my great-great-grandmother. What is the conclusion ? Well, I know all the advantages of these dogs, their cool characters, great results at exhibitions, I also know their disadvantages, but there are really few of them.


JULA PzJ is the granddaughter of our wonderful, recently deceased BORA" A By B Unique Resh Zone, so our two wonderful females - Brema and Bora - meet in this litter.