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About us

The kennel "Pregowce z Jasienia" (ZKwP FCI) was established in 1995 when our first ridgeback  Brema arrived from The Czech Republic.

The year before our beloved  German shepherd Terra had passed away. She was our loyal and loving companion through all the study years at  the  Agricultural Academy in Olsztyn , a friendly and  responsible partner of both our small sons.  She stayed with us for twelve good years of her  life.

Not surprisingly, the decision  to purchase a new puppy was very tough. Accidentally, I was offered a beautiful album about dogs where I found a photo of a dog of my dreams, an amazing, powerful, Rhodesian Ridgeback with this intelligent spark in the eye.

My husband, Mirek, found out that there had just been  two litters in the Czech Republic, visited one of the kennels during one of his business trips  and  brought small Brema, our first Rhodesian ridgeback! Our dream!

At that time in Poland, the Rhodesian breed was virtually unknown , so Brema had to be my teacher  or I had to find  the information I needed on the Internet. I also looked up a few other rhodesian ridgeback owners In Poland. In time, some of those contacts became friendships until today.

Presently,our family consist of four "humans", four  cats-Pippi ,  Kropka`s son Kresek , Pinki  and pure breed devon rex Allegra,  rr bitch  Bora ( A by B Unique Reshzone) and her kids - son Homer ( litter H - after "Nazir" Gepard Pręgowce z Jasienia ) and daughter Ida ( litter I after Glenaholm Taariq) and two horses- Baflo and Eden.
It is clear that animals have the majority in our "pack".

No doubt - animals have changed our life completely.

To combine our professional lives with looking after our animals, we start the day very early to walk  our   energetic dog.  At least one hour of walk through beautiful forest surrounding our house  plus a horse ride at least twice a week along the seashore in Białogóra.

The cats walk themselves  independently.

While our dogs and horses keep us active every day, the cats- purring back at home invites us  to  relax with them on a sofa.